We are Miru Studio, a VR gaming studio. At our team, we have all grown hand in hand with videogames. We have learned and experienced so much with them that we decided to take action and get involved in their development. That’s how Miru Studio was born.

We believe any videogame should be as immersive as possible. Back in the day, a low res screen was everything we had, and don’t get us wrong, games were just as good as more recent ones. However, we decided to specialise in VR games due to this extra immersive dimension. We know we are are entering a new and greater era of digital entertainment.
Manex Darceles Garai

Manex Darceles

Lead Designer & Co-founder

Eneko and I started this project back in 2019. Both have always been eager to materialise our ideas into things. Now we’ve found the way to do this with games and could not be happier to launch our first early access!

Eneko Barandiaran

Eneko Barandiaran

Lead Developer & Co-founder

We always dreamed about creating games, about making people feel ways otherwise impossible, so we started experimenting in our free time. Now, Miru Studio is our way of achieving these dreams.

Ruben Mendoza

Ruben Mendoza

Junior Programmer

Hi there! My name is Ruben Mendoza and I am 21 years old. I am currently developing the first game at Miru Studio as a junior programmer, crafting the future of VR Games!


Gabriela Santos


I’m Gabriela GonzΓ‘lez, 26 years old. I lead the art department here at Miru Studio. Our ecosystem is great and even though I am the artist, we are all very creative!